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2017 European Derby Conditions update regarding qualifiers to the Finals

October 23, 2017

For Immediate Release – Oklahoma City, October 23 – The NRHA European Council (EAC) has met and discussed the 2017 European Derby conditions and the process for determining the qualifiers for the finals. The European Executive Board (EEB) and Council felt that the qualification and tier distribution numbers were not proportionate to the entry numbers. They also felt that the hard cap on ties and finalists (maximum number of finalists) was not ideal. In response, they have made the following changes to the conditions for the 2017 NRHA European Derby:

– CORRECTION: The total number of finalists will be determined by how many entries are in the first go. 50% of the total entries will be divided amongst the four tiers advance to the finals.

– They also removed the hard cap on the number of finalists. This signifies that if there is a tie involving a large number of horses – or there are multiple ties – the hard cap would have resulted in certain horses not advancing to the finals. Now, the hard cap is removed and they will advance to the finals and there will not be a restriction on the number of finalists. The Council understands that the payout will be spread across more finalists, resulting in a decrease in each payout. However, they firmly believe it is more important to members to qualify for the finals for the chance at a paycheck than it is to limit the number of finalists to preserve a higher paycheck for those that do qualify.